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Chicago celebrates the Year of the Theatre in 2019

After the Year of Art Design in 2018, Chicago celebrates its theatre scene throughout the Year of Theatre 2019, a first in the United States.

It is official, the Chicago theatre scene will be honored throughout 2019. The cradle of theatre and improvisation, Chicago is home to more than 250 venues, five of which won Tony Awards awards, and has hosted more premieres than any other American city.

The 2019 Year of the Theatre will be the first of its kind in the United States. Throughout the year, the public will be able to attend theatrical performances of all kinds, including improvisation, dance, opera and puppet shows.

Special events will be held in hundreds of Chicago’s cultural venues, theatres and parks.

This theme year follows the success of the 2017 and 2018 initiatives to celebrate Chicago’s Creative Youth and Public Art respectively. The Year of the Theatre 2019, will focus on the importance of Chicago’s large and innovative theatre industry.

This initiative aims to encourage dialogue within Chicago’s theatrical and philanthropic communities on issues of inclusion and equity and will seek to expand the geographical reach of Chicago’s theatre, particularly in the city’s southern and western districts.

The 7th edition of Chicago Theatre Week will kick off the Year of the Chicago Theatre. For 10 days, from February 7 to 17, 2019, visitors and residents of Chicago will be able to enjoy discounted tickets to various performances. In total, more than 100 shows are participating in this event, ticket prices will vary between 13€ and 26€. They will be available for sale from Tuesday 8 January 2019