Brexit : 18% of Europeans are afraid to pay more for their stay in Great Britain

Although lively discussions on Brexit conditions are still ongoing across the Channel, and unless there is a final reversal, the United Kingdom is expected to leave Europe on 29 March.

This outing will require European tourists to develop new habits when travelling to the United Kingdom! And on this subject, what are their biggest concerns? More expensive holidays, longer waiting times at stations and airports, visa requests… dailynewsfortravelers surveyed French and Europeans about the changes that worry them the most about their post-Brexit holidays. Here are the results:

European concerns about post-Brexit holidays

1. Pay more to leave (18 %)

2. Require a visa (14 %)

3. Difficulties in travelling (13 %)

After Brexit, Europeans are first and foremost afraid of paying more for their holidays in the United Kingdom (18 %).

This is the case for 23 % of Germans, 19 % of Italians, 14 % of French and 13 % of Spaniards.

Secondly, they are concerned about the administrative procedures that could complicate their travel (need for a Visa). This opinion is shared by 16 % of Spaniards, 14 % of Spaniards and 13 % of French people.

And finally, 13 % of Europeans fear more difficulties when travelling to the country of « tea time » once it has left Europe. This concern rises to 18 % of those surveyed on the French side.

And on the other side of the Channel?

23 % of the English are also afraid of having to pay more for their post-Brexit holidays. They are also concerned about the long queues at the airport at 13 % and the need for a visa to travel to their European neighbours at 10 %.

In any case, relations between the two countries will remain good: only 5 % of French and British people fear that they will be less well received in the United Kingdom after 29 March!

On the other hand, the Spanish are very concerned about this. 17 % of respondents think they will not be welcome.

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