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Bahrain to open the largest underwater theme park with a Boeing 747 as its centrepiece

The Kingdom of Bahrain is preparing to open the largest underwater amusement park, with a surface area of 100,000 m², with the wreck of a Boeing 747 as its main component. The 70-metre long aircraft will be the largest submerged in water.

The kingdom wants to make this initiative an ecological attraction and a welcome for marine wildlife by creating an artificial reef to promote the growth of marine life, especially coral.

According to the President of the Supreme Environmental Council, His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, « other ornaments are planned, such as a replica of a traditional pearl merchant’s house, artificial coral reefs and other sculptures made from ecological materials« .

The Boeing 747 will be prepared and cleaned in order to remain compatible with the ecological aspect of the project. The authorities have already announced that all surfaces will be subjected to high-pressure washing with environmentally friendly detergents to ensure the elimination of any harmful substances such as hydraulic systems, adhesives, insulation, plastics, rubbers, chemicals or other potentially toxic substances.

The park will open this summer 2019 but the aircraft will only be accessible to the public from 2020.